Tidewater Wireless W4VB News  

October 2002


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E-mail:  w4vb@w4vb.org


Thanks to all who responded to last newsletter’s (December 2001) request for a survey of ideas and thoughts.  You will see in this newsletter that some ideas have already been completed, and others still in progress!


Although we previously planned to post future newsletters on the w4vb.org website, technical difficulties have delayed that.  Thus, this issue of the newsletter is being mailed.  The website problems should be resolved by late spring, and be updated then.


New Call Sign

Congratulations to Dave (formerly KS4GC) on his new call sign of WA4WX.


145.33 Repeater

The 2 meter repeater in Norfolk has been functioning well, although it has been necessary at times to require CTCSS to access it.  This is to limit the noise received from interference.  Use CTCSS 136.5 for access.  Future plans for the repeater include changing the CTCSS access tone to 131.8 and the addition of a weather alert system.  The autopatch remains available to supporters, but hasn’t seen much use lately.  Some months see no calls, others one or two being made.



Harley W7HJ volunteered to assume the duties of trustee and custodian of Military Recreation Station WA4ZUA.  With the efforts of W7HJ, WA4WX, and K4DA, the WA4ZUA 145.17 repeater has returned to the airwaves.  Use CTCSS 131.8 when the tone access requirement is necessary.  The WA4ZUA club shack at the CINCLANTFLT Compound has been torn down, and there is no current club shack available on base.  Check out the WA4ZUA Net on 14.290 MHz on Sunday evenings at 2000 Eastern/ 1900 Central  (0000Z). 


New 440 Repeater

We will soon be ready to inaugurate a new UHF repeater on the air from Norfolk .  SERA coordination has been received for the repeater to be placed on 442.950 (+5 MHz input).  With much interest in possibly setting up an IRLP system, it was thought that a 440 repeater could be an ideal place for such a thing in the future.  Check for 442.950 to be on the air in the upcoming days and weeks.  Access will require CTCSS 131.8.  IRLP is still in the thought and planning process, so it won’t yet be available on the machine.