Tidewater Wireless W4VB News  

November 2005

Website:  http://www.w4vb.org

It is hard to believe that the website is correct in showing the last newsletter was in October 2002.  Fortunately, the Internet and repeater has allowed us to keep many in touch with updates throughout the duration.  This newsletter should serve to bring everyone up to date on the latest news for W4VB, plus some info from WA4ZUA.  Much has been going on recently.

 New Call Signs

Congratulations to the following who received new call signs:

- Harley, formerly W7HJ, now AH6HJ.

Harley will be experimenting with his HF remote station in Kailua-Kona on the " Big Island " of Hawaii using VoIP thru the Internet and his former Hawaii  callsign, KH6HGP, now assigned to the club station hosting his remote station. 

Harley says, "the HF bands (20 meters and above) go out too early in the evening in Virginia, especially since Daylight Savings Time is no longer with us for the winter.....but NOT A PROBLEM !!  I just "transport" myself back into the daylight hours and keep logging QSOs !!"  

- Larry, formerly KG4YEQ, now W4LSJ.

 145.33 and 442.95 Repeaters

Preparations are ongoing to replace the equipment currently in use on the W4VB 145.33 (-600 input) with newer and better gear.  The W4VB 442.95 (+5 input) repeater will be co-located with 145.33 and share the same controller.  The same user functions available on 145.33, including autopatch, will be available on 442.95.  The two repeaters will be able to link with each other as desired as well.  Remote base capabilities will plan to be   continued as well.  Service outages will be experienced as equipment is swapped out during this effort.  Such planned periods will be announced via email to the W4VB listserver.  A working party will soon be needed to move the equipment and possibly do antenna work as well.

 We have been operating 145.33 lately with the requirement to use CTCSS 136.5 for access.  Upon installation of the new equipment, the required CTCSS tone will change to 131.8.  The 442.95 repeater already requires CTCSS 131.8.  We plan for both repeaters to also transmit CTCSS 131.8, thus making it easier for those with tone decode capability on their rigs to eliminate receiving interference on the repeater output frequencies.

 The monthly autopatch usage on 145.33 has varied between zero and six calls.  The average over the past nine months has been 2.5 calls per month.  The new repeater system will use the same autodial numbers and emergency speed dial numbers as in the past.  The manual autodial access code for 2006 will be provided to users separately.  Contact Dave K4DA at k4da@hotmail.com to obtain the current autopatch access codes or to arrange speed dial numbers on the system.    

145.17 Repeater

We continue to maintain the WA4ZUA 145.17 (-600 input) repeater; however, a permanent site has not yet been located.  The system will be relocated if/when a new site is obtained.  CTCSS 131.8 is currently required to access this repeater.  The same tone is also transmitted by the repeater to assist in eliminating interference.  Autopatch and links/remote bases are not currently available on 145.17.

147.075 Repeater

The AD4ZK 147.075 (+600 input) Norfolk repeater has been off the air recently.  We have expressed interest in reestablishing and sponsoring a 147.075 repeater at the same location, should the current sponsor not wish to do so.  Developments in this regard are expected over the next few months.

Norfolk ARES

The Norfolk Amateur Radio Emergency Services (Norfolk ARES) Emergency Coordinator (EC) is Rich, N2NMH, and the Assistant EC (AEC) is Stroh, KO4FR with Official Emergency Station (OES) Bill, WA9B, whom heads up the Digital Operation in Norfolk, VA.

The 444.475 (+5 input) (CTCSS 127.3 Tx/Rx) repeater is the Tactical UHF system for Norfolk ARES.  All W4VB repeaters are also available for ARES use with the aid of Remote Base Linking and Echo-Link(s).

Norfolk ARES members were involved in helping out during Katrina and they closely monitor emergency operations and requests for volunteer deployments locally and when required, from around the country.  This is an exciting way to give back to HAM Radio and your community.

The Norfolk ARES website is available at http://www.norfolk-ares.org and they also have a listserver for their members.

For additional information about or to join Norfolk ARES please contact Rich, N2NMH (n2nmh@netzero.net) or Stroh, KO4FR (rstroh2@earthlink.net).

New Radio Club Formed

A new club has formed in the area.  The Radio Amateur Society of Norfolk, Inc. (RASON) is now an ARRL affiliated club and has been very active.  They hold monthly meetings as well as conduct various other special activities and events.   

RASON holds an information net on the W4VB 145.33 repeater at 7:30 pm Sunday through Friday evenings.  All amateurs are welcome to check in.

For more info on RASON, visit the website at http://www.rasonva.com.


Information on WA4ZUA/NNN0NHA is now available on the web at  http://www.w4vb.org/wa4zua.htm

Station archives and photos have been posted on the site.  We are hoping that some of the former members and operators have additional items to be posted.  Historical photos from the former W4NPT NAS Norfolk club station are also posted on this site.

Email Listserver

The W4VB email listserver provides a method for updated news and information to be exchanged between all members of the list.  Email can only be sent to the list by members of the list.  To be added to the list or to make a change to your email address used by the listserver send a note to k4da@hotmail.com.