Houston, Texas 145.19 Repeater Information

    The Houston 145.19 repeater operates with the callsign W5BSA from a three-hundred foot site on the west side of Houston.  The equipment is owned by K4DA and maintained by the dedicated efforts of several hams.  The repeater is an open machine, however, CTCSS of 123.0 Hz is needed for access. 

    The repeater was moved to its current location in March 2001, after operating for over a year and a half from the WT5BS Scout Troop 152 club station tower in the Spring Branch area of Houston.  The original location of the W5BSA Repeater was Greenway Plaza.  

    The system currently in operation consists of a Vertex VXR-5000 25 watt repeater interfaced to a Link Communications RLC-Club controller.  A WACOM WP-641 four-cavity duplexer allows simultaneous transmit and receive on one antenna. 

     In support of  public service communications, the 145.19 repeater owner maintains a  Memorandum of Understanding with the South West Harris County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) for use of the repeater.  ARES will use 145.19 for nets, drills and other operations or events.  Other public service events are conducted on the repeater throughout the year.  For information regarding public service events contact Mike N5VCX.  

        The building owners and management have been gracious enough to continue to host amateur radio repeaters that serve the Houston area since 1991, and we hope for many years into the future. 

        For additional information please contact Dave K4DA via e-mail to k4da (at) hotmail.com. 


Houston 145.19 MHz Repeater's Current Status:  Operational (CTCSS 123.0)


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Repeater cabinets:

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View looking east towards Houston from the repeater site:

Rooftop_looking_East.jpg (77904 bytes)   

View up to the repeater antenna:

 Shared_Antenna.jpg (22893 bytes)    

View of the 145.19 repeater equipment:

W5BSA_-_01.jpg (96945 bytes)    


Last updated: 19 August 2017