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December 2001


Please visit the Tidewater Wireless website at http://www.w4vb.org

The website will be enhanced over the next few months, and will be the  place to read updated news and information about the Norfolk 145.33 W4VB repeater, and probably replace the mailing of newsletters in the future.  Ideas and recommendations for the webpage are welcome, and can be sent to w4vb@w4vb.org

145.33 Repeater

The repeater maintains autopatch and autodial capability, as well as remote base links to other 2 meter, 220, 440, and 10 meter frequencies and repeaters.  These links can provide an emergency communications role, and the repeater has been linked to Williamsburg for this purpose in the past.  Currently there are no regularly scheduled nets held on the repeater, however, it is sometimes used for special events communication nets.  The current equipment configuration has been in use for several years with no major changes.  To report problems with the repeater please contact Dave KS4GC (hamm.dlp@verizon.net). 

Updated repeater user code sheets are being mailed with this newsletter to all with autopatch access.  The new autopatch code will be effective January 1.  If you did not receive the code sheet, but are interested in supporting the autopatch, please contact Dave K4DA (k4da@hotmail.com).


Itís time to again evaluate our current services and decide what, if any, changes are desired and feasible.  Please help in this effort by letting us know what services and features you would like to see continued, modified, discontinued, or added.  For example, if there is more interest in adding a 440 repeater or second 2 meter repeater, rather than maintaining all of the remote bases on 145.33, we could work towards making those changes.  Maybe there is only enough interest in maintaining one very basic repeater on 2 meters, or possibly there isnít enough interest in keeping a repeater on the air at all.  Please let us know if you are interested in participating in a link net if it were started again.  There is a great article on the Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) in the latest issue of the SERA Repeater Journal, and may provide some possible ideas to consider.  Is there interest in restarting the Link Net?    Weíd also like to hear how emergency and public service coordinators in the area feel we could assist in supporting or providing for their needs.  Please let us know your thoughts by e-mail to w4vb@w4vb.org over the next few weeks as we begin to develop a long-range plan.